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Establishment of an up-to-date SCADA system is extremely important for the effective management of production processes in any enterprise. Control systems are mandatory element in providing effective and reliable operation in every industry sector. Their introduction, development and popularity stem from the need to secure overall and high quality control over production processes’ management to the operators on one hand, and the efforts of managers to regulate expenditures in their enterprises - on the other.

The COPA DATA zenOn product has been chosen as software platform for our SCADA / HMI systems (RSS 200) and we dispose of specifically certified experts for this system integration.

Honoured with numerous international awards and utilised in more than 80,000 sites, zenOn is globally recognized and accepted product in different areas of industry, such as: energy sector, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

ROCON has established itself as fair and reliable COPA DATA products’ representative for Bulgaria over the years. As a special sign of confidence our company was choosen also as an official COPA DATA partner in the COPA-DATA Partner Community since the end of 2011.

Main characteristics

  • It bears all the features of a modern control system: alarms, events' list, signalling, trends etc.
  • Modern «client-server» architecture, characterised by:
    • High scalability - оpportunity for dynamic hardware and software expansion throughout the entire lifecycle
    • Object-oriented architecture - оpportunity for easy and fast setup in general terms both for the consumer and for the project integrator
    • Open and universal platform - аllows integration both of standard interfaces, as well as of interfaces of different manufacturers
  • Ensures reliable and secure data exchange
    • Software and hardware redundancy
    • Automatic switching between different servers
    • Time synchronisation of all system devices and elements
  • Powerful analysis, calculations and optimization tools
    • Modelling of interlocking (topological, user's)
    • Analysis of the collected data and report generation
    • Information generation about current and planned repairs
    • Establishment of own library of symbols, tool-tips, and technical parameters of the equipment used
  • Advanced graphic tools for process data display
    • Automatic colouring according to the network topology
    • Free scaling of pictures and lists
    • Process data export in different formats
    • Integrated language tables …


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