DRAGON 1 series comprises a wide range of protection, control, measurement and supervision functions which are suitable solution for utility substations and industrial power systems. All IEDs of the DRAGON 1 series are fully complained with EMC-standards. They could be connected to SCADA-system via standard communication protocols.

DRAGON 1 provides a lot of protection functions with different applications:

- Main or backup protection for MV&HV networks - overhead lines, underground cables, power transformers and motors
- Applicable for all types of neutral grounding (isolated, solid, resistance or resonance earthed)
- Suitable for all kind of power distribution facilities, industry, transport, distributed generation (Wind farms, Solar parks etc.)
- Highly reliable at high and low impedance earth faults.

DRAGON 1 series offers some basic types of IEDs as follow:

  • Multifunction feeder protection
  • Multifunction overcurrent and line differential protection
  • Multifunction overcurrent and two winding transformer differential protection
  • Multifunction overcurrent and motor differential protection
  • Motor protection
  • Multifunction voltage protection