Based on the proven technology and long experience, ROCON presents its most powerful and innovative relay protection and automation devices - DRAGON 3. All IEDs of the DRAGON 3 series are fully complained with EMC-standards. They could be connected to SCADA-system via standard communication protocols.

They comprise a lot of protection functions in the following applications:

- main or backup protection and control unit for EHV, HV and MV network equipment - overhead lines, underground cables, power transformers, motors etc.;
- applicable for all types of neutral grounding;
- suitable for transmission and distribution companies, industry, transport and distributed generation (wind farms, solar parks etc.)

Part of the DRAGON 3 series are the following basic types of relay protections:

  • Line differential / distance protection
  • Transformer differential protection for two or three winding transformers
  • Busbar protection
  • Multifunction overcurrent protection
  • Multifunction motor protection