Еngineering services

The engineering services we offer include:

  • Complex solutions for power distribution and power transmission networks
  • Effective management of energy production, transmission and distribution processes
  • Powerful and innovative concept for substation automation
  • Full range of products and services

Our main projects concern rendering of full range of engineering services for power system sites. We dispose of highly qualified professionals to carry out all the necessary activities – starting with engineering design up to the facility operation launch. Every new project is preceded by a comprehensive and detailed study and consultations with the respective clients in order to be able to find the best technical solution.

Our products are specifically designed to minimize the scheme and project solutions, which brings about substantial expenditure optimization. The technologies in use require minimal on site work.   The respective constituent elements are made in the factory.

A point of specific importance to the EU level quality of the services rendered is the fact that all our products are tested according to international standards. We also give priority to activities related to consulting and training of our clients.