Digital Substation

Company ROCON provides most modern solutions for Power Transmission & Distribution network, comprising wide range of world-class numerical Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) - Protection relays, Bay Control Units (BCUs), Transformer Monitoring and Automatic Voltage Regulation (MAVR) systems and Annunciators.

MAVR systems as a part of Digital substation

MAVR provides full scale of monitoring and control functions especially intended for HV Oil immersed Power Transformers:

  • Measuring and monitoring of electrical and technological parameters;
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) of Single/Parallel operating Power Transformers.

Treating MAVR as a part of the Digital Substation is possible and is achieved through its distributed architecture with main device and Merging units (MUs). They are installed near the primary equipment and are functionally selected in the following typical groups:

  • MU for technological variables - temperature, pressure, OLTC current position
  • MU for Transformer bushing monitoring
  • MU for electrical variables - current and voltage from Power Transformers CTs and VTs
  • MU for Transformer cooling system

System architecture

Typical MAVR for Digital substation

In case of parallel operating transformers the necessary information exchange between the RTUs of the transformers is realized via Station bus - FO or electrical Ethernet and IEC 61850 protocol. On-line data regarding the transformer electrical and technological parameters are available for the main unit RTU (subscriber) from the MUs (publisher) through the Process bus - FO Ethernet ring topology and IEC61850_2LE protocol.

MAVR main features

Maximum operational reliability and data security

The years of experience, high level of R&D team and application of the Digital substation concept with high level of redundancy is a guarantee for the reliability and security operation of MAVR systems.

Individual customer solutions

On request, our experts are able to develop special solutions for customer specific requirements

Easy updates and remote access

Firmware and configuration updates are available via Ethernet and/or USB connection with PC based MMI program.