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System automation in substation

Best opportunity for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition of electric distribution and transmition networks


In view of the existing different kind of grid infrastructures, ROCON offers innovative concepts for substation automation, which allows consumers to swiftly adapt the electric power system to the new conditions at present and in the future.

RSS 200 is a powerful, end-to-end range of products and services including:

  • Large variety of world-class Intelligent Electronic Devices, (IEDs) such as wide range of relay protection devices, bay monitoring and control units
  • “turnkey” projects for substations
  • SCADA/HMI projects
  • Engineering, maintenance and technical support

Substation automation system RSS 200 meets all complex technical requirements of various transmission and distribution networks, as well as the specific needs of individual users. Among the most important requirements are: modern overview, clear and comprehensive information about the power network process and quick response. Issues concerning standard hardware and software solutions (interoperability), interruption-free redundancy and different user expertise are at the forefront of our project implementation.

RSS 200 is a decentralized and open system, allowing expansion in volume and functions during the entire life cycle. It is based on a hierarchical principle with two basic levels:

  • Control level: dispatch / control center (CC)
  • Power system level: substation, distributing station, power plant (NPP, TPP, HPP, renewable energy plants etc.).

The basic principles and the structure of the system provide high degree of reliability in information transmission and storage.

Main features

  • Compliance with the international standards (IEC / ANSI / EN);
  • Electromagnetic compatibility for this type of devices - working in an environment of stable industrial disturbances in operating conditions near to the high-voltage switchgears
  • Standard equipment and technical solutions
  • More than 250 communication protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870, MODBUS, DNP etc.)
  • Reliable, trouble-free and secure data exchange
  • Safe operation
  • Easy-to-implement new functions or elements into the system
  • Powerful analytical calculation and optimization tools
  • Seamless redundancy
  • Complete supervision
  • Topological coloring
  • Presentation of historical or on-line data in graphic form (trends, mimic diagram)
  • Alarm management and detailed chronological events list
  • Fault locator function
  • Energy meters’ reports
  • User defined library of technical data about the site and facilities
  • Remote control of the primary equipment, relay protection settings and regime parameters;
  • Interlocking modelling
  • Intuitive controls - menu in Windows’ style and dynamic elements (buttons, bar graphs, universal sliders ...)
  • Free zooming and scrolling
  • Opportunity to export data in EXCEL, TXT, HML, SQL-DBS etc. format
  • Built-in so called “language tables”