MMI D (Man Machine Interface) is a monitoring and configuration program for all members of DRAGON series. It is set of tools that share a common data base, but can be run separately:

  • Main module
  • Programmable Logic Editor
  • Mimic Editor
  • IEC 61850 Configurator
  • Comtrade Viewer


The program can be used for:

- Offline work

  • Open, edit, save IED Configuration/Settings files
  • Open and analyze events, disturbance records
  • Edit Programmable Logic (PL) files
  • Open archive files
  • Print configurations, settings, events etc.

- Online work

  • Monitoring - visualization of the current state of all analog values, process points and binary outputs etc.
  • Reading and visualization of Event Log, Disturbance and Data Logger data
  • Configuration - read/write IED Configuration/Settings
  • Diagnostics - activate LEDs, outputs, internal variables (test mode)
  • Archiving device information