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Power Supply units

RPS 131 is auxiliary power supply unit for electronic energy meters. RPS suplies 15 V DC to electronic meter, in case of de-energizing of its voltage circuits, so the meter stays powered-up all the time. The voltage tresholds and timers for activation and deactivation of power supply output are completely user defined. Configuration and administration is intuitive and user friendly with ROCON MMI software and IrDA interface (optical head). It has also serial RS-485 interface for communication with SCADA or AMR systems. Every action of the device could be recorded into the built-in Event recorder and(or) sent to SCADA/AMR system via serial interface.




  • Device power supply: 220 V DC/AC
  • Voltage inputs : 3 x 57.73/100 V AC
  • Voltage output: 15 V DC (galvanically isolated)
  • Binary outputs: 1 n.o. dry contact (galvanically isolated)
  • SCADA/AMR communication interface: RS-485, 2 -wire (terminal block)
  • Configuration interface: IrDA (Optical head)
  • Mounting type: DIN rail