MMI 400

MMI (Man Machine Interface) is a monitoring and configuration program for all members of 400 Series.







The program can be used for:

- Configuration

  • Download device configurations, view and save on PC
  • Create new configurations, edit pre-downloaded configurations
  • Load device configurations
  • Print

- Relay protection settings

  • Download settings from device, view and save on PC
  • Create new settings, edit pre-downloaded settings
  • Load settings into devices
  • Print

- Event Recorder

  • Download the Event Recorder, view and save on PC
  • Remote deleting of Event Recorder
  • Print

- Disturbance Recorder

  • Download events with disturbance data, browse graphically and save on PC
  • Remote deleting of Disturbance Recorder
  • Print

- Measuring current data from device

  • Binary inputs status
  • Binary outputs status
  • LEDs status
  • Voltage and power visualization
  • Frequency and analog input, where the frequency is measured
  • Condition of minimum voltage and directional relays
  • Control of binary outputs, LEDs and blinkers